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Great Bundle of Cake turn Stand, Cake Leveler and Cake Lifter Set.

Great Bundle of Cake turn Stand, Cake Leveler and Cake Lifter Set.

Nothing like this great bundle of cake turn stand, Cake leveler and cake lifter set.

You and them will love this one. Bakers must have their own tools to help them in doing great job in easy ways.

You don’t need to have a wish list from a baker’s mind, just jump to this one.

This set wills a wonderful add-on in their bakery. Each of them will facilitate their work and let them enjoy will doing it, so for sure great results will be achieved in short time.

Again this will be a great one for my grandma.

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Keep Your Bakery Healthy And Clean With This Neato XV-21 Pet And Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

keep your bakery healthy and clean with  This Neato XV-21 Pet adn allergy automatic vacuum cleaner

Yes, you have to keep your bakery healthy and clean with This Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner.

This one was and still my favorite one among all Christmas gifts for bakers. The bakery should be always clean and healthy.

This amazing robotic vacuum will clean everything. It will not keep any single dust or pet hair in the ground.

Moreover it will know its way itself. No obstacles will stop it, because it’s so smart and can detect
all of them with its fully accurate laser signals.

Above all that it’s a bag less and they don’t have to worry about storage location

See this video here about neato xv-21 and check how does its works before you get it.

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Welcome to Our Blog : We Like to Bake

In our blog, we promise to collect and provide the best collection on the web of gifts for bakers.
Quality will be high,
items will be cool, touchable, and suitable for all levels.

We know that prices also are critical so there will be a verity in prices with.

Also, from time to time we will provide some useful tips and educational videos.
So hang on with us.

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Awesome Backing Tricks You Can Apply Now

Who said that backing is so difficult?
Ok for the new guys or beginners it could be harsh little bit. Although even for experiences
bakers they need to learn some new tricks, Why?

Simply this will enable them to save huge time and concentrating on other important things
and will make them more professional.

Enjoy the video.

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Half Sheet Size Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

half sheet size premium non stick silicone baking mat

What a great half sheet size premium non-stick silicone baking mat

We all know how much time they spend on cleaning pan after finishing backing.
But with this non-sticky mat, this will be no more.

With this awesome one which was made for a 13″ x 18″ pan with measures 11-5/8″ x 16-1/2″ , they can turn it to non-stick surface.

Also, they will like it because it was made of fiberglass and silicone and can be used thousands of times.

Above all that its completely safe for freezer, microwave, and oven, so it can be used at temperatures varying from -40 degrees C to 250 degrees C (-40 degrees F to 482 degrees F).

I believe its another must have tool and will be a great gift for bakers.

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Super-Fast with Backlit Rotating Display Thermometer

super fast with backlit rotating display thermometer

They will love this super-fast with backlit rotating display thermometer .

For sure such tool must be available in all kitchens. In old days my grandma used to keep watching the oven just to be sure the food will not burned.
Sometimes she has to use her finger to test the temperature of what she is baking.

Now no more, by this thermometer its so easy to test the temperatures of meat on the grill or smoker, loaves of bread.

Also the temperature of cakes, oil for frying, dinner rolls, jams and jellies, pies, brownies, peanut brittle.

It will make their life really mcu easier and protect both their food and (figures)

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20 PVC-Free Pocket Pages Recipe Book

Great 20 PVC-free pocket pages recipe book - gifts for bakers cooks.

Great 20 PVC-free pocket pages recipe book – gifts for bakers cooks.

Once I saw my grandpa collecting few papers form his table and he was trying to arrange them and keep them in safe place. These papers were contain his some private recipes.

That’s why I decided to give him this helpful one.

He will keep them all in one place and will never lose them.

Above all that its approximately 9 x 9.5-inch and has 40 lined coordinating 4 x 6 recipe cards.

Other nice thing is that it contains 12 indexed divider pages and equivalent chart inside front cover of book.

Gifting this to him was really a great and very accurate choice.

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Silicone and Fiberglass Macaron Kit with Decomax Pen and Baking Sheet

Silicone and Fiberglass Macaron Kit with Decomax Pen and Baking Sheet

Don’t miss this marvelous Silicone and Fiberglass Macaron Kit with Decomax Pen and Baking Sheet.

Well, we know that its not easy to find a suitable baking related gifts, that’s why this could be one of the best for a baker.

If you like to make the delicious French macarons in perfect way, then its the complete solution.
The other great thing is that t includes:
First, special macarons baking sheet.
Second, recipe booklet.
Third, a decomax pen.
Fourth, material also includes marks and edges for guidelines.

Keep in mind that the material mixture allows for optimum distribution of heat and uniform cooking in a shorter time.

Finally, cleaning is so easy, where it can be cleaned by the dishwasher without any problems.
For me, without any hesitating I will get one for my grandma.

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