Month: January 2016

Half Sheet Size Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

half sheet size premium non stick silicone baking mat

What a great half sheet size premium non-stick silicone baking mat

We all know how much time they spend on cleaning pan after finishing backing.
But with this non-sticky mat, this will be no more.

With this awesome one which was made for a 13″ x 18″ pan with measures 11-5/8″ x 16-1/2″ , they can turn it to non-stick surface.

Also, they will like it because it was made of fiberglass and silicone and can be used thousands of times.

Above all that its completely safe for freezer, microwave, and oven, so it can be used at temperatures varying from -40 degrees C to 250 degrees C (-40 degrees F to 482 degrees F).

I believe its another must have tool and will be a great gift for bakers.

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Super-Fast with Backlit Rotating Display Thermometer

super fast with backlit rotating display thermometer

They will love this super-fast with backlit rotating display thermometer .

For sure such tool must be available in all kitchens. In old days my grandma used to keep watching the oven just to be sure the food will not burned.
Sometimes she has to use her finger to test the temperature of what she is baking.

Now no more, by this thermometer its so easy to test the temperatures of meat on the grill or smoker, loaves of bread.

Also the temperature of cakes, oil for frying, dinner rolls, jams and jellies, pies, brownies, peanut brittle.

It will make their life really mcu easier and protect both their food and (figures)

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How to Make Cupcakes? Watch This Video and Follow The Recipe

If you like to bake, then for sure you will enjoy watching this video.
It will show you step by step the full recipe and how to do it correctly to get the best ones.

Clear steps and very well presented, which is Better that reading and following steps written on
paper. Just watch it and pause it in any time so you can follow and apply.

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20 PVC-Free Pocket Pages Recipe Book

Great 20 PVC-free pocket pages recipe book - gifts for bakers cooks.

Great 20 PVC-free pocket pages recipe book – gifts for bakers cooks.

Once I saw my grandpa collecting few papers form his table and he was trying to arrange them and keep them in safe place. These papers were contain his some private recipes.

That’s why I decided to give him this helpful one.

He will keep them all in one place and will never lose them.

Above all that its approximately 9 x 9.5-inch and has 40 lined coordinating 4 x 6 recipe cards.

Other nice thing is that it contains 12 indexed divider pages and equivalent chart inside front cover of book.

Gifting this to him was really a great and very accurate choice.

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Captivating and Sweet Smell Perfume: Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men

Captivating and Sweet Smell Perfume:  Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men

I love this delightful captivating and sweet smell perfume: Acqua Di Gio ny Giorgio Armani for men

I wonder, do their smell or clothes smell must be always similar to baking due to the fact that they spend long hours working there?

For sure the answer is a big no!

That’s why we must surprise tem with something that let them break this circle.

For sure this amazing smell perfume will make them feel fresh after long hours in bakery.

I believe nice perfume could be the best gift for bakers.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for 2016: Pet Hair Remover and Allergy Killer.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for 2016 Pet Hair Remover and Allergy Killer

This is my story with the best vacuum for pet hair and allergy killer for the year 2016.

My grandma called early morning and told me that she red my previous post about the vacuum that I used it to clean the miss in my uncle bakery.
Then she said: Why don’t you visit me and bring with you robotic vacuum, I will prepare for you your favorite pie, what do you think?

To be hones I love that pie, I can eat tons of it and never stop. Well, short is the best.

She was amazed with its performance and its top accurate work.
It scanned every single corner in home without hitting any item in the home, above all that it was able to discover all stairs and avoid them. Every single dust was collected immediately.
Really, I feel as if this vacuum enjoy eating all pets hair.
At the end and I was expecting, my grandma jumped immediately to my grandpa, start nagging, and soon she got one in their home.

Just to put you in full picture, click here to visit its website, watch the video to see it in action and get more details.

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The Best Vacuum Cleaner Neato XV-21: Pet Hair Remover, Allergy Killer and The Best to Keep your Kitchen Always Clean

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Neato XV-21: Pet Hair Remover, Allergy Killer and The Best to Keep your Kitchen Always Clean

It was too late when my uncle called me from his bakery, I still remember, he was so angry and frustrated.
“ I have a serious problem now, I need your help”, he said.

I asked him to relax, to take long breath and to let me know what happened!
He said: One lady came to my bakery and she was holding in one chain her three small dogs, but suddenly the small dogs released themselves and started jumping in my shop.

Oh my good, come and see the tons of these dogs hair that flowing everywhere, how can I clean all that?
What my customers will say or think when they see me like this? My son, I will lose their trust!

I waited few seconds then I asked him: Thad’s all?
“What do you want more than that? He answered back but with a sad voice.

I said to him: Its so simple. Within 15 minutes I will be with you and my neato XV-21, the best vacuum for pet hair will solve this issue for you, don’t worry uncle.

I never see him happy like that after we finish cleaning using that automatic robotics vacuum cleaner.
That Neato XV-21 was and still my favorite vacuum, whey?

It’s specially designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers. With the most powerful suction of any robot vacuum, the XV-21 picks up dirt, debris, and even the toughest pet hair.

The Neato’s special filter retains more than three times the amount of fine dust particles as standard filters, which is perfect for removing allergens from the home.

A new combination bristle and blade brush improves the pick-up of pet hair, dander and fibers.

My uncle now got his own and for sure he is very happy with it.

Click here to see how it works and how great it is!

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Silver Plated Metal Cake Knife and Server: Lovely Bakers Gift Set

silver plated metal cake knife and server lovely bakers gift set

I adore this silver plated metal cake knife and server: lovely bakers gift set.

I like their nice and sooth design, where Length of knife: 13 1/4-Inch , server: 11-Inch.

Also if you are looking for something will stay for long time, then this is yours because it was manufactured by the big name and trusted bran Lenox Opal Innocence.

Finally, and as usual for all the high quality products, washing them is the easiest part because they are hand wash set.

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9-Piece 100 Collection Compact Nesting Mixing Bowl, Food Prep and Measuring Set

9 Piece 100 Collection Compact Nesting Mixing Bowl, Food Prep and Measuring Set

Great value with this 9 piece 100 collection compact nesting mixing bowl, Food prep and measuring set

Awesome and top quality nest line from the very famous Joseph Joseph.
They will love the space-saving kitchenware and will enjoy using this practical and the ultimate collection.

If the baler is looking for saving, this is a great way to save space with the innovative design that allows individual elements to be stacked neatly together..

This 9-piece set includes two mixing bowls, a sieve, a colander, and five measuring cups.

I know, many great gifts for bakers around us in the market, but believe me this one is the best and the most elegant.

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